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Support Terms for Dovl Enterprise Edition

Server deployment and support

In case of on premise deployment, the Dovl team will setup or audit your installation based on your requirements depending on the best practices. Server support is subject to remote SSH access at pre-defined hours.

This can include:

  • Setup and deployment of Dovl
  • Email service setup
  • SSL setup and configuration

This support doesn't include:

  • DNS configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Setting up Linux server security rules
  • Setting up alert and monitoring services

Bugfix support

Dovl will ensure that a bugs will be fixed on priority based on the severity of the issue.

  1. High Priority:issues that make the system unstable will be fixed and released in a maximum of 8 business hours.
  2. Medium Priority:issues that cause performance issues or usability issues will be fixed in 4 business days
  3. Low Priority:issues that are UI bugs or minor annoyances wil be fixed in 8 business days.

Upgrade support

There is no additional cost or license associated with minor or major upgrades of the system. We recommend that you deploy every latest version to your instances. The cloud version of Dovl is always on the latest release.

Upgrade support includes help in case an update breaks due to:

  • Failing patches
  • Dependency issues
  • Database issues

When you need upgrade support, you will have to schedule an upgrade with the Dovl team.

Security alerts

Dovl will notify you if your current version has any severe security risks and if it needs to be updated immediately. Dovl will also help you in the migration and actively support to fix any issues that may arise..


Self hosted Dovl Enterprise Edition support excludes the following items:

  • Server costs
  • Backup service costs
  • Email service costs
  • Professional Services over and above those mentioned above
  • On-site support
  • Database replication setup