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Direction and roadmap

The Dovl roadmap shares the new benefits we hope to provide for users and subscribers in our releases, as well as our long term product direction. Dovl roadmap is driven by user and subscriber priorities, and may change as those priorities change.

Dovl direction

Dovl is and always be open source. You can always download Dovl Community Edition on Github, and move to paid tiers (which we would be grateful) to support development of Dovl.

We are committed to your privacy with our focus on open source technologies and licenses. We believe no companies should be locked in when it comes to managing their knowledgebase and they should retain complete control of their services.

What is in the roadmap?

Near term features Long term features
Offline access Spreadsheet support A full fledged database
Emoji support Image annotations Edit/annotate images
Smart links preview Calendar support Search in PDFs
File lock & unlock Document history Search in images
Evernote importer Any file upload & storage Spell checker
Document anchors Bulk image upload Mobile apps for iOS/Android
Font & table bg colors Tip/warn/error/note extension
LDAP support for Enterprise Edition Web clipper
Confluence importer Gantt support
Table of contents
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