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Dovl Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Dovl?

    Dovl is a reliable, scalable knowledge management solution. It helps organize information within the knowledge and collaborate among teams within an organization. Dovl supports shared documents with unlimited style, embedded objects, tasks, checklists, comments and real-time collaboration. This way, Dovl helps grow businesses by sharing the organizational knowledge by consolidating all internal company in one location.

  • Why did you create Dovl?

    Dovl was created to offer an alternative, open source, privacy oriented alternative to self hosted knowledgebase platforms.

  • Why is Dovl different?

    Once you deploy Dovl on your own server, you can start using Dovl straight away. We have easy tutorials and documentation on how to get up and running with Dovl and store your most private documents and tasks with ease.

  • Where can I download Dovl?

    Dovl Github page includes the Community Edition for Dovl. For other editions, please get in touch with us.

  • Is there an online demo available?

    Yes - please contact us and we'll arrange a server suited for your needs and requirements. It can be used for trial purposes for 30 days.

  • What is in your roadmap?

    Please check this page


  • What are Dovl Team Edition and Dovl Enterprise Edition?

    Dovl Team Edition and Dovl Enterprise Edition are paid extensions to Dovl, which add more functionality and provide additional support options for customers.

  • How does Team and Enterprise Edition licensing work?

    Every organization running Dovl Team or Enterprise Edition on its own servers must have a license. There's no limit to the number of servers or environments used by that organization. The price is based on the number of users defined in production environment.

  • Why did you opensource Dovl?

    We want our application created not by a handful of developers, but hundreds. We want to discuss the future of Dovl in an open, democratic environment. We want your ideas to put in the next release, so academics, businesses and SMEs can benefit immediately.

  • Can I transfer a license?

    Licenses are not transferrable to another company. Each license should be used for the company it is assigned to.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes, until up to two weeks after purchase. Let us know the reason and maybe we can help.

  • Can I pay via invoice and purchase order?

    Dovl Team and Enterprise Edition can be purchased using card only, and there are no exceptions.


  • What are different deployment options?

    You can either deploy Dovl on-premises, or let us host a completely private, non multi-tenant instance for your business. With high availability and data replication practices, always be in control of your business data, and be compliant with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

  • Is it easy to install Dovl on-premises?

    It is quite straightforward. If you choose self hosting, you can take advantage of the installation scripts that come packed with Dovl, for Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If your environment has strict firewall rules we also provide offline installation packages for Ubuntu and RHEL.

  • Should I deploy Dovl on a clean instance?

    Dovl is an document and knowledgebase platform that installs several modules from trusted sources that we should know of, and when there is an issue with underlying core functions (e.g Postgresql, NodeJS or Nginx), it becomes hard for us to understand where the issue stems from. Another reason is that we expect that Dovl should solely be running on the instance that it is installed.

  • How much time does it take to install Dovl?

    Depending on your server configuration and internet connection, it will take around 3-5 minutes, including downloading all required libraries and configuring the database.

  • Do I need HTTPS configuration?

    It is highly recommended that you use HTTPS to connect to dashboard. This will ensure all the data transfers between you and your server will be encrypted. We suggest you use Let’s Encrypt since it is one of the most used, free certificate authorities.

  • Is it possible to install on Digital Ocean / Google Cloud Platform / AWS etc ?

    Dovl uses off the shelf components for installation and running. Hence, it is possible to deploy Dovl both on your own premises, or on a cloud provider of your choice. By default, Node.js (the web server Dovl needs) will run on port 80 or 443 (for HTTPS), so make sure those ports are free and not blocked.

  • We want you to help us with deployment

    Sure! We can deploy to your servers via VPN or another medium during a 1-1 telco carry on all the deployment process from start to finish.

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