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Dovl as an affordable Confluence alternative

"There is a lot to like about Dovl since there is a lot going on under the hood. It is basically "budget Confluence" - an incredible value for money."

M. Odemis, Univerlist
Dovl is the best alternative to Confluence

We know the importance of choosing a knowledgebase that fits your company's needs. That's why we built Dovl, overcoming problems of Confluence.

Affordable, no hidden fees

Easy to use

Not slow and bloated

Super easy search user interface


Side by side comparison

Pricing Always within your budget. Starts low, increases rapidly
Editor Easy, plugin based, human oriented Clumsy and slow
Source code Open source with the ability to modify Closed source
Customization Advanced customization options Limited options
Search capabilities Very fast and intuitive Below average
Main focus Every team member Mostly technical staff
Ease of use Focuses on essentials with a clean and simple interface. Has been complex by time with several options not needed

Dovl is a secure, open source and self hosted Confluence alternative


Dovl provides a collaborative environment where users can comment on the document and enhance company resources.


Dovl makes it simple and easy for every member in your organization to contribute to knowledge.


As an on-premises Confluence alternative, Dovl provides a high level team authentication for secure access to data.