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About Dovl

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Dovl is a secure knowledge management solution. It helps organize information within the knowledge and collaborate among teams within an organization. Dovl supports shared documents with unlimited style, tasks, checklists, project boards, comments and real-time collaboration. This way, Dovl helps grow businesses by sharing the organizational knowledge by consolidating all internal company memory in one location.

We aim to make it easier and faster to collect, store and consume knowledge internal to an organization..

Our focus with our product is as follows:

  1. Enable a knowledge-driven environment
  2. Respect user privacy
  3. Respect organizational privacy
  4. Be as easy as possible with a focus on user experience
  5. Get out of the way
  6. Aim for knowledgebase market leadership
  7. Integrate seamlessly
  8. Go width and breadth

Dovl comes in 3 flavors, with an aim to cover all types of users:

  • Community Edition: This is aimed at organizations that do not need advanced features. It contains complete stack of Dovl to help gather organizational knowledge at one place rather than in distributed silos.

  • Team Edition: This is aimed at small organizations with a few tens of users. Addition to Community Edition, it has more features for managers and customer support from Dovl.

  • Enterprise Edition: This edition contains features that are more relevant for organizations that have several tens to hundreds of potential users. It includes several features for administrators, compliance, LDAP and high level support that is required by privacy conscious companies.